Commission Prices

TOS-Please provide visual references and simple descriptions, I'm dyslexic and this makes it easier to work with.-Payment is done in advance via PayPal only in EURO. (These prices here are without PayPal tax, please be mindful, it will be added later)-I DON'T do private commissions or DELAYED POSTING!-NSFW is allowed, however, if I’m not comfortable with the subject I will decline your commission.-Discuss beforehand if you want a specific deadline met.-If you want drastic changes after the flat colours there will be an additional tax (or I may decline)-If you do not reply within 24h of me providing a WIP, I will continue working on it despite the fact. If no contact has been made for 24h after I've sent the finalized drawing, I'll post it regardless.

One Character - 150€
Additional characters +100€
Background +100€
+ PayPal Tax

Icon - 70€

Reference Sheet - 260€
Custom Design +50€

!Not Safe For Work!

NSFW +50€
Comics - 300€+